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Bottom Painting
Bottom Painting
Cruising bottoms: Haul, Wash, Block, Prep, Paint, and Launch (All Labor and materials included, heavy scraping extra) $24per ft, (Sail) $26per ft. (Power)

Propspeed: Running gear coating for optimum perormance

     On our cruising bottoms we use a Quality Petit Ablative paint that is ideal for Chesapeake Bay conditions. If you have a favorite paint let us know and we will be happy to get it for you at our trade price. You may already have your paint, and in this case we will credit the cost of the paint out of your bill. Our prices of, $24 per ft., for sail boats and $26 per ft., for power boats, include hauling your boat, power washing it, blocking it, prepping your bottom for painting, painting, and the launching of your boat. Also included in our price is the cost of all the materials used in the painting of your boat (paint, brushes, roller covers, ect.). With Scott Marine Service you will never find surprise charges.

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